featured properties

Lincoln Hotel Group works to staff, consult, and train employees of each hotel under our management, with hotel franchise chains stretching from Iowa to Arizona. LHG is a difference-maker in hotel management, placing a strong emphasis on longevity and practical, profitable methods of improvement. Check our featured properties below.

Hilton Garden Inn

801 R. Street, Lincoln, NE 68508

Holiday Inn Express York

4020 Grand Avenue, York, NE 68467

Hampton Inn Lincoln Airport

1055 W Bond St., Lincoln, NE 68526

what we do

You can’t beat the expertise of our skilled team at Lincoln Hotel Group. With more than 125 years of combined experience among our corporate leaders alone, you will see posistive results.


We understand what it takes to run a streamlined business. A streamlined business brings in happy guests who are the driving force for new guests at our properties.


We understand the metrics of a good partnership. The right business partner is the key to success.


We have a proven track record of successful projects. Put our experience in managing and developing hotels to work for you.